Continence at Camp

By Jeff Kinney  As a child, one of thing things I missed most was camp – not camp specifically, so much, but the cherished sense of independence that only comes from living away from your parents. Spina Bifida camps weren’t nearly as common then, and “regular” camps presented all sorts of obstacles that, collectively, seemed... Continue Reading →

Coping With Teen Breakups

By Andy Leheny Oh, Young love... Researchers believe teen dating relationships are primarily based on infatuation. But regardless if the impetus is true love or infatuation, when your son or daughter copes with the end of a dating relationship it can be an emotional experience in which parental guidance can play a significant, helpful role. This... Continue Reading →

Let Your Voice Be Heard

By Sara Struwe, SBA President & CEO With over 20 Capitol Hill meetings down and Congress now in recess, SBA is planning our next steps for federal advocacy. It’s been a crazy few months trying to keep federal funding for critical Spina Bifida programs. A few weeks ago, the American Health Care Act (AHCA) was... Continue Reading →

How well will my child do in the long run?

By Dr. Jonathan Castillo Porter, MD, MPH Texas Children's Hospital Whether it is a woman carrying her third pregnancy or a first time mother now holding her newborn infant, in a hundred different ways parents ask me this question.  They wonder how their child will ultimately function in today’s complex world. Although there is no... Continue Reading →

Self advocacy: the road to awesome

By Jeff Kinney The ability to guide one’s own life – self-advocacy – was a major topic during the 2016 Spina Bifida Association National Conference last Summer. The importance of self-advocacy relates directly to SBA’s increased emphasis on meeting the needs of adults with Spina Bifida, a highlight of the national conference held June 25-28... Continue Reading →

A New Beginning

In the spirit of moving beyond all limits, the Spina Bifida Association (SBA) has chosen to make SB Insights content more accessible to the world.

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