Let Your Voice Be Heard

By Sara Struwe, SBA President & CEO With over 20 Capitol Hill meetings down and Congress now in recess, SBA is planning our next steps for federal advocacy. It’s been a crazy few months trying to keep federal funding for critical Spina Bifida programs. A few weeks ago, the American Health Care Act (AHCA) was... Continue Reading →

How well will my child do in the long run?

By Dr. Jonathan Castillo Porter, MD, MPH Texas Children's Hospital Whether it is a woman carrying her third pregnancy or a first time mother now holding her newborn infant, in a hundred different ways parents ask me this question.  They wonder how their child will ultimately function in today’s complex world. Although there is no... Continue Reading →

Self advocacy: the road to awesome

By Jeff Kinney The ability to guide one’s own life – self-advocacy – was a major topic during the 2016 Spina Bifida Association National Conference last Summer. The importance of self-advocacy relates directly to SBA’s increased emphasis on meeting the needs of adults with Spina Bifida, a highlight of the national conference held June 25-28... Continue Reading →

A New Beginning

In the spirit of moving beyond all limits, the Spina Bifida Association (SBA) has chosen to make SB Insights content more accessible to the world.

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